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Hi Ladies and Gentleman ! Proudly present Another styles font “Antha ” script  handwritten font. Antha's name is taken from Greek which means flower, which can be interpreted professional. I keep this font looks elegant, classy, readable, stylish, catchy and easy to use. Antha is the great choice for watermark on photography, signature or signature logo design, quotes, album cover, business card and many other design project.Antha is here to make your work to high level!!! Features
  • Basic Latin A-Z and a-z
  • Numberial and Functional
  • alternate and ligature
  • Swashes
  • Extra
File included:
  • Antha OTF
  • Antha Extra OTF
  • Antha Swashes OTF
  • Antha Ligature Swash OTF
  • Antha TTF
  • Antha Extra TTF
  • Antha Swashes TTF
  • Antha Ligature Swash TTF
  • Antha WOFF
  • Antha Extra WOFF
  • Antha Swashes WOFF
  • Antha Ligature Swash WOFF

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by Rantautype
August 20, 2020

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